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Frequently Ask Question

How do I Signup?

You can download from Play store & Register.

How do I Add my business?

Under the First Tab, You can click on the "Add Business" icon

What Details are needed to Add my Business?
  • Business Picture that highlights your business.
  • Business Logo
  • Business Name
  • Business Description
  • Business GST & PAN card details
  • Main Products Categories that you want to highlight
  • Catalog pictures & cost
I am not able to receive Notifications ?

Please check the below settings :

  • Turn On Android Notification: Go to Settings > Apps or Installed Apps >. costBo >. Notifications >. Enable
  • Turn on Notification at costBo Application: Chat tab > click 3dots on right top > Settings > Notifiscations > Enable Sound, Style, Badge
  • Specific to Chinese Phones: Mi, Vivo & Oppo

Please Click "Settings on right top" (3 dots) > click "Help" > click "Notification issue with chinese phones" >. Enable Autostart "YES" >. Turn On for costbo.

Android 8.x:

Long press the permanent notification and disable that particular type of notification by moving the slider to the left. This will make the notification disappear

Android 9.0+:

Long press the permanent notification and press the info (i) button to get into the App info screen. In that screen touch the 'Notification' entry. In the next screen remove the checkbox for the 'Foreground service' entry.

How can I remove constant presence of "costBo - Headsup Notification"

This is required by Android OS, to indicate User that we are costBo application is running in Foreground. This can be disabled, when you do the follow steps:

  • Long press on the notification & click minimize.
  • Long press on the notification & move the foreground to off.

If you have issue with Notifications not coming, Please check "I am not able to receive Notifications" in FAQ.

How long is the Promotions Valid?

Promotions (5000rs) Package a year is available at Zero cost till End of April 2019

Benefits of Enrolling with costBo?
  • Your business is at your hands with No Commission & No Referral Fee !!
  • You can Add your Catalog & send it to your customers as a link.
  • You can create an Instant Sale / Announcements / Availability to the world.
  • Many More….Explore !!
How to update my costBo Application?

Click "Settings on right top" (3 dots)" > Click "Update" . It will redirect to playstore application

How to Add my Products & Services to Catalog?

Under Bo Tab > Click on the "businesss logo" >. Click "Catalog". >. Click "+". Fill the page & submit to add one Product/Service

How to Update my Products & Services to Catalog?

View Catalog > Click "Settings on right top" (3 dots)" >. Click "update"

How to Create an Advertisement?

Under Bo Tab > Click on the "businesss logo" >. Click "Ads". >. Click "+". Fill the page & submit to add one Advertisement

How to Reach CostBo Support?

You can chat with our support team directly. Click "Settings on right top" (3 dots)" > Click "Support Chat".

How can I login via Web?

You can use Phone Number (login id) & password. Password is the One you have created while registering to costBo. If you forgot password, you can do reset the password with forgot password

How can I chat via web?

You have to login to chat. You can share the business and products without Login.

What are the available license level for the businesses?

CostBo has a basic license "Free for Ever" this is very useful & sufficient for most of the business. The Next Upgrade is "GoSmart", this is very useful for business, who would like to involve their managers for run their business

How to understand the features & Limits for "Go Smart" Plan?

Go Smart features are described here :

Feature details are

  • Number of Messages: Chat messages between Customers, Friends, Family members & Business Clients are not limited
  • Manager / Employee: For Go Smart License level, You can add max two manager / Employee to manage your online business.
  • Business Groups: Group created under BO Tab, will inherit business privileges and can have 10K+ members. This group is typically used for Chat between Business & Managers, Exclusive customers for product previews etc
  • Number of Products: This feature allows to show 100 products/services online to their clients
  • Number of Ads: Ads can be created by the business per month
  • Mobile Optimized Micro Website: Business web that is created are Mobile optimized. This will get higher results on the SEO
  • Mobile App: This Mobile App is free to establish your business and can be downloaded from Playstore
  • Number of customers: Your customers are yours. You can grow your customer base & there is no limit.
What eligibility options does the Manager/Employee have?

Eligibility options for Managers/Employee that can be set by Owners are :

  • Chat Edit : Person with Chat Edit can receive incoming queries & answer the queries. He cannot update Business Information or Production Information
  • Business Edit: Person with Business edit can update Business Information & Production Information. He will not receive inquires and chat with the customers
  • Chat Edit & Business Edit: (ADMIN Level): Person with Admin level can do both Chat & edit Business/Catalog Information